Saturday, February 21, 2015

Where did the time go??

What a crazy amazing life I have with these three little girls and my Hubby.  Talk about growing fast...the girls too, Haha!  Ella will be 4 on Monday and the Twins will be 21 Months on March 3rd.  Ella starts Preschool this Fall!  Right now she is enjoying her ballet classes.  Anna and Ally are talking like crazy too.  They repeat everything they hear so I have to be careful.  One morning I accidentally spilled my coffee and said "Shit!"  For the next hour the twins were saying "Shit"  Omgoshhh, what did I do!  Haha!

As for me I am still going to school Online for Web Development ( 3.84 GPA btw :D ) and I have been nominated and accepted into The National Society of Collegiate Scholars which only the top 10% of students get nominated for with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  I also started working for Jamberry Nails as an Independent Consultant.  I absolutely Loveeee Jamberry Nail Wraps!  They literally have changed my life!  Especially if you have young ones.  No dry time and super easy to apply and most of all tons and tons of designs!!  Please check out my website if you get a chance :

I missed out on posting some pics from Fall to Winter so hope your ready to be bombarded with photos Lol

 FALL 2014
Ella's Ballet Class

Family Photo Shoot

Playing in the Fall Leaves

Apple Orchard

My Bestie Alina, the Twins and I :)

Time to go Trick or Treating

 WINTER 2014 - 2015

Snow Fun

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween is almost here!!

As I sit here and write this blog, all three of my girls are watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."  As a kid I used to absolutely love this movie.  Usually my girls watch a little bit of movies and go on to play, but this one they are all on the couch watching intently.  I gave them all a bowl of dry cheerios to share on the couch while watching the movie.  They all share quite nice. It's really very cute.  I dressed my twins are in PJ's today for the day because it's a little chilly.  Here is the pic.

I took Ella to party city last week and got her costume.  She wanted the Pink Butterfly costume.  We tried it on in the store and it fit perfect.  She is very excited to wear her costume.  I didn't buy the twins costumes because I already have some costumes from Ella's previous Halloweens.  I have a Cupcake costume and a Minnie Mouse costume that they are going to wear. Next year though, my twins be older and I want to come up with a creative twin costume. 

Only 6 more days till Halloween!  I love Halloween, it's my favorite Holiday.  I love the weather, fall leaves, the colors, apple orchards and it's boot and jacket season!  This Monday my husband and I are taking the girls to the apple orchard to go on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. The twins have never been on a hay ride or to a pumpkin patch so this will be an exciting first for them.  I am excited for them and must admit excited myself as well.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A day in my Life of Twins and a 3 year old...

Last night I gave my twins a bath and it was the first time they "washed" their hair.  It was adorable to say the least.  Everyday they are getting smarter and talking more.  In the video below Ally is the one who washed her hair.  Of course when I wasn't taping, Anna decided to follow suit. 

This afternoon I made all my girls pancakes.  Yes, I said afternoon.  We had pancakes for lunch...why not? Lol  They absolutely love pancakes, but what toddler doesn't?  I made Ella mickey mouse pancakes and little dollar sized pancakes for the twins.  They devoured them.  Here is a pic of the twins waiting patiently at the gate to eat their pancakes.  And the next photo is Ella eating her pancakes.  

At times it's hard to juggle all my girls.  I'm sure many of my Twin moms out there understand that.  Ella is a great helper though.  She loves her twin sisters as they love her.

I wrote a little list about some of the things that Twin moms have in common:

  •  When you want to order an outfit online but it says there is only one left :(
  •  When you wash a paper plate off and put it in the dish washer because you’re so exhausted.
  •  When you can’t sign up for baby swim class.
  •  When carrying 50 lbs on each arm is nothing.
  •  When you try to plan going to events around knowing when you won’t be by yourself.
  •  When you typically don’t have pics of just one child alone. They are usually together.
  •  When you’re impressed when you see a mom with triplets!!!
  •  When the pediatrician asks, “Is she rolling?” and you’re all “Umm… one of them rolled the other day… I’m sorry, I can’t remember who it was!” I’ve done that about pretty much every milestone!
  •  When you’re a stay at home mom but feel more like a zoo keeper. Little monkeys everywhere!
  •  When you sit down to do your own manicure and only manage to do 5 out of 10 fingers because someone is getting into something and then you walk around like that for a week.
  •  When people stare at my daughter for grabbing 2 of something and me being proud of that (Yay she is sharing with her twin!)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 2014

My twins Anna and Ally are now 16 months old and Ella is 3 1/2.  It's been crazy at times but I wouldn't change it for the world.

 Here are the twins on their 1st Birthday with their Great Great Grandma Peggy.  My Great Grandma Peggy just recently passed from old age a couple weeks after her 94th birthday.  I will miss her so very much!  I am very thankful she got to be there for my twins 1st birthday.

We recently just got a kitten.  His name is Boots and was born on the 4th of July.  Ella says "Boots is my best friend"  All my girls just love their new kitty and are surprisingly very gentle with him.  

We recently went trick or treating at my parents campground/camper.  All the girls did wonderful trick or treating.  Here is a pic of my family.

My girls are growing so fast.  Ella is in Ballet now for the 2014/2015 year.  She absolutely loves it and is a natural Ballerina. 

Anna and Ally definitely have their own language.  Its so cute to see them talk to each other.  The other day they were holding hands and dancing in circles together.  Other times they lay on top of each other and play wrestle.  I am so very lucky to have been blessed with my girls. 

We recently had Fall photos taken outdoors.  That was a challenge.  Ella was running one way and the twins in different directions.  I can't wait to see the photos.  They aren't ready yet but when they are I will post them.  

I am enrolling Ella in preschool for next year.  I can't believe it...where did the time go?  And...why is preschool so expensive?  Yikes!  At the same time I can't wait until she goes lol.  She loves playing with new friends and learning.  She is so smart already.  Her 4th birthday is in 3 months so I need to start planning on where I should have it at.  I think I have an idea.  She says she wants a Pink Princess Birthday.  She loves Pink and Princesses so it's very fitting for her :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"A" Squared 5 months :D 11.5.13

Time has sure flown by!  I can't believe my twins are 5 months already!  They had their 5 month check up yesterday and Anna is 13 pounds and Ally is 12 pounds and are growing beautifully!  Anna is a 1/2 inch taller at 24 1/2 and Ally at 24 inches.  The Doctor says we can start the twins on rice cereal and vegetable baby food.  I bought some last night but they had already gone to bed for the night.  So today is the day they try baby food for the first time!!  I'll blog that as well, lol.  Also on Thanksgiving they can eat some Thanksgiving Dinner!  It just has to be pureed.  They are both the sweetest best babies in the world.  Their big sister Ella who will be 3 years old in February, is the best helper and loves her sisters so much.  She can't wait until they are old enough to play with in her play room.  I dressed the girls up for Halloween.  Here is a pic.
Anna, Ella, Ally

The twins sure do have their own personalities.  Anna is always the calm, cool, collected one and Ally is the opposite.  Ally is the feisty, loud, pay attention to me one as you can see in this pic lol.  Anna is the cute Lil Pumpkin.  Ella is my Lil Cupcake and Ally is my Lil Monster.  Ally's making a mean face lol!  She is just in character for her monster costume.  My life has been super busy as a Mother, Wife and Student.  I am going to school online for Web Development.  I am just finishing up my first class, Algebra and am getting an A- so far.  I only have a couple more days left and take my Final Exam tomorrow.  I don't get much sleep and am up countless times through the night between the twins and Ella.  I just keep reminding myself I will get sleep sometime this century!   My Husband Jim is a great helper when he is home and not working.  Thank god for him cause I could not do this alone!   I am so blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy girls and look forward to what the future holds.  *Love our Family of Five*
<3 Here is our First Family Pic <3
October 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Twins are 7 weeks old =)

I can't believe they are 7 weeks flew by!  Their journey in the NICU went fabulous!  They were both there for 3 weeks.  They both did perfectly well!  They learned to suck, swallow and hold their temp.  That was the soonest they could come home and they made it!  I knew they would!  They have been home now for a month.  The twins, Ella, Jimmy and I are adjusting well!  I soooo missed having babies in the house.  I am so blessed to have two babies!  They wake every 3 to 4 hours to eat.  They are gaining weight like crazy!  Anna weighs 6lb 11oz and Ally weighs 6lb 8oz.  They are def identical!  Their personalities are shining through and are night and day lol.  Anna is the calm quiet one and Ally is the loud feisty one lol.  Ella loves being the Big Sister.  She loves holding them and helps hold their bottles.  She has the hugest smile when she is holding them.  She kisses them and helps in any way she can.  She's a Big Helper! 





Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to Anna and Ally!! June 3, 2013

So it all starts with no eating or drinking after midnight last night.  It's about 7:15am and I am dying for some water.  I am so thirsty!!  But I have to wait until surgery is over.  I woke up around 5:30am.  Had dreams last night that I was eating and drinking and woke up to discover it was just a dream!  Of all the things to worry about I worry about that lol!  The babies were monitored for 45 min at 6am and their heart rates were good as normal!  The nurse then took 3 vials of blood for my blood count,  blood type and one other thing I forgot.  Then she started the IV hookup in my arm.  I don't have the liquids in me yet just the start of the IV into my vain.  The Dr that is doing my surgery then came in and introduced himself to me.  Dr Nohl.  He seemed really nice and comforting.  Then an associate for Dr Goyert (my MFM) came in and introduced himself and said Dr Goyert is off today so I am checking up on you.  He said "So I heard you were on the weight loss program today!"  Lol!! I said  "I'm hoping I will lose 10 pounds right away!" ;)  My husband, daughter and parents will be here at 8am.  I guess you can say right now is the calm before the storm.  So at 8:30 the nurse came in and told me to change into a gown and then the ultrasound Dr came in and did a quick ultrasound to check the positions of the babies.  Baby A was head down and Baby B head up.  Then at 9am I went into the Prep room to be prepped for surgery.  Anesthesia asked me a bunch of questions, I had to put a hat on, Jimmy had to put a hat on, mask, gown and booties.  Then it was time to go into the OR.  It was freezing in there.  They then did my spinal for anesthesia.  And put the curtain up in front of my head and my legs and stomach were feeling tingly and warm then pretty soon I couldn't feel them.  The surgery started and it lasted 2 hours!!  It started around 10am and the girls were out at 10:42 and 10:43.  Then came the long part of them stitching me back up.  Toward the end the spinal starting wearing off and I could feel so much tugging and pulling and pain!  It literally felt like they were stuffing my insides back in me.  They then gave me morphine and it helped a little but I was still in alot of pain!  Shortly after it was all over!  Thank God!  I went into the recovery room and was still in pain so they gave me some more pain medication and that helped alot!  I sat in recovery for an hour and then they wheeled my bed to the Nicu so I could see my girls!  They were a good size for being 32 weeks and so beautiful!  They both weighed around 4 pounds and were breathing room air.  Then I was wheeled back to my normal hosp room where my family was waiting for me to make sure everything went well.  That night around 8pm I was up and walking a little bit.  My husband and I went to see the girls and I got to hold Ally.  Anna was fast asleep and I didn't want to disturb her.  Sleeping that night was nearly impossible!  With an IV in my arm and pain in my stomach, ribs and shoulders I was mostly awake the whole night.  All in all the day had it's ups and downs but everything about this pregnancy, the scary moments, the 5 weeks in the hospital spent away from my 2 year old daughter, the pain of the c section and everything in between has never been more worth it than it has now!  My twins are so beautiful and I am very blessed to have them!  I love my new family of 5!!



 C Section Time

 The Cords